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Betta Australis April Meeting

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Betta Australis International IBC Betta Show April 6th 2014

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QFAS Caboolture Markets Show


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State of Origin Tableshow

Congrats to the winners of the QLD round of the State of Origin Tableshow

ST Male
1st - Jodi-Lea Matheson
2nd - Phill Harris
3rd - No entry

DT Male
1st - Kiana Lewis
2nd - Jodi-Lea Matheson
3rd - No entry

CT Male
1st - Jodi-Lea Matheson
2nd - Werner Mocke
3rd - No entry

Shortfin Male
1st - Kiana Lewis
2nd - Kiana Lewis
3rd - Jodi-Lea Matheson

AOV Male
1st - Kiana Lewis
2nd - Jodi-Lea Matheson
3rd - No entry

1st - Jodi-Lea Matheson
2nd - Jodi-Lea Matheson
3rd - Phill Harris

Wild Bubblenester
1st - Jodi-Lea Matheson
2nd - Kiana Lewis
3rd - No entry

Wild Mouthbrooder
1st - Jodi-Lea Matheson
2nd - No entry
3rd - No entry

Best Of Show - Kiana Lewis

The highest ranking Owner Bred have been filmed and will be moving on to the State of Origin finals!!! 



 Facebook March Competition


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Betta Australis Fundraising Auction

Fishchick Aquatics has kindly donated some Bettas for the club to Auction off to raise funds towards out show on our club facebook page.  The current Betta up for  bids is a lovely Big Ears boy

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Betta Australis IBC International Betta Show 2013

*Betta Show Results HERE*

*Guppy Show Results HERE*


Betta Australis held our first IBC sanctioned betta show on October 20, 2013.  Although it wasn't the first international Betta show the club has hosted, it was certainly the largest with entries from all over Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.


With the excitement and buzz of the Caboolture Markets surrounding the WD Williamson Pavillion, the show was guaranteed to generate a lot of interest from the general public.  The judging team, comprised of head international guest judge, Hermanus Haryanto, Betta Australis IBC judge, Todd Knight and the newly accredited Michael Chang from Victoria Betta, worked their way through 315 individual entries.

After an exhausting day of judging on October 19th, Hermanus treated members and guests to an infomative talk on wild bettas.  It was very interesting to hear from Hermanus how he kept and bred his own collection of wilds.

The subject of the talk was quite timely, as there is growing interest in wild bettas in Australia at the moment with this show having one of the biggest numbers of wild betta entries the Australian show scene has had to date.  23 wild betta pairs were entered into the Betta Australis IBC International Show this year.  Many of the smaller wild betta entries (who were displayed in pairs within the same container), set about spawning in their display containers within hours of being benched in.  The winning Division F pair were actually spawning while they were being judged.

Betta Australis also held a fancy Guppy show at the same time as the Betta show.  We had a small display of guppies on display, mainly from local competitors. Club member, Greg Ure judged the Guppys using a blend of the Singapore Guppy Club and local QFAS judging standards.

Some budding local artists entered the Arts and Crafts division with with 20 individual entries from all over Australia running for one of the many hotly contested divisions in the show.  

Nice to see a number of Australian breeders holding their own against some of the Area 6 heavyweights.  The Australian show scene is well under way and it is great to see so many local betta breeders and keepers getting behind their local clubs and the IBC. Can't wait to see what next year

A big thanks to all of the volunteers who worked many late nights over the days leading up to the show. Without your hard work and support, we wouldn't have had a show. I think everyone would agree that it was all worth it in the end.  Thank you to all the people from near and far who entered the show.  To the sponsors who donated towards making this show what it was, your support is much appreciated.

looking forward to seeing you at the next show!

Jarrod Nielsen









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